Benefits of Treating Yourself to a Massage

Often referred to as a method for relaxation, massage therapy has proven to do a whole lot more than just work out those inner kinks. Sure it’s nice to get pampered from time to time, but wouldn’t it be nice if the pampering also had lasting effects on your health? Several forms of research and studies have shown that massages can have several health benefits. As if you weren’t already convinced that it’s worth it to treat yourself from time to time, here are five more reasons getting a massage might not be a bad idea after all:

1. Effective for Managing Anxiety and Depression

According to WebMD, there have been several studies that have concluded that massages can be effective for helping individuals to manage symptoms of anxiety or depression. Massage is said to lower the amount of cortisol found in the brain (a chemical known to increase stress) by as much as 50%. Massage also has the ability to improve the level of neurotransmitters, which can help to improve depression.

2. Helps Relieve Pain

Ever wonder why professional athletes receive a massage after a game or an injury? Well it turns out that a massage can be just as beneficial, if not better than options such as taking pain medications. Studies have proven that massages help to release the compound known as cytokines which is a key contributor in inflammation. Massages are also beneficial in stimulating mitochondria, which is responsible for transferring glucose into energy to help the cells in your body function and repair properly. By combining these two aspects, one is able to receive effective pain relief while healing in a shorter amount of time.

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3. Improves Sleep

Cortisol, as described above is a hormone that greatly affects the levels of stress to the brain. When these levels are lowered, it frees the brain from stress and allows the body to relax. Massages are known for helping individuals to be in a relaxed state of mind thus improving their ability to sleep easy at night.

4. PMS

Women who suffer from PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, will be pleased to learn that getting a massage around that time of the month can help to reduce the symptoms they experience. Common symptoms include headache, fatigue, abdominal pain, and mood swings. As we’ve established, massages are ideal for pain relief, stress relief, and help to improve sleeping patterns.

5. Improves the Skin

If you’re dealing with certain skin conditions such as uneven tones, you’ll love the fact that a massage can improve your complexion problems. Because massages are good for improving blood circulation, they are also good for the skin. Massages are also believed to help remove dead skin cells, allowing for more youthful skin that glows.

Other benefits of massage therapy include reduced blood pressure, headache relief, and an improved immune system.

Go Ahead and Treat Yourself

Now that you know what health benefits a massage can bring you, why not consider treating yourself? Even if you can only afford one session every month, it is worth the investment. Massages offer an alternative to modern forms of medication while also helping you to relax and recharge. When looking for the right massage therapist, it is important to consider the types of massage you want to receive and the health benefits you wish to get from them. A brief consultation with a professional will determine which options are best for you and your overall well-being.

– David from said: ‘Massages can help with a number of problems you may accumulate in your daily life, from stiffness due to office work, to sports injuries, a massage can help ease the pain and relax.’

Don’t have time during the day? One of the biggest challenges we face is finding the time in the day to care for ourselves. The good news is that many service providers understand that and are willing to work around a time that is best suited for you. There are certain massage parlors or spas that have late evening and/or weekend hours to accommodate the busy working professional. However, another option would be to locate a mobile massage therapist. These types of professionals will schedule an appointment and come wherever you are. This way you can still receive the benefits of the massage without having to compromise your routine.

If you’ve been suffering from any of the above health conditions or simply would like to invest in improving your health all around, consider scheduling a massage with a qualified professional. Depending on the type of medical condition you suffer from (i.e. high blood pressure, depression, chronic pain), massages may also be covered under your health insurance. Talk with your healthcare professional ahead of time to ensure that a massage will in fact be beneficial in these areas as it pertains to your individualized health conditions.

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