9 Things That Become Routine For Those That Put Their Health First

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Although it’s different for everybody, most people who are successful in their health and fitness follow a specific formula. Many of them don’t attribute their success to routine because they’re so passionate about being healthy. They just do it and don’t feel right if they don’t.

1. They don’t allow excuses to interfere with their workouts
This may be the single most difficult obstacle to overcome when seeking fitness, but those who set a vision in their goals make it work no matter what. It’s about understanding the many ways in which you undermine yourself. How often do you set new plans in motion for your health, only to end up standing in your own way because of the excuses and fears that undermine those optimistic plans? A seeker of health and fitness will not allow anything to distract them from their goal. They simply do not negotiate their health.

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2. They look at ingredients and read food labels
The healthiest people don’t have many labels to read in the first place because they eat mostly fresh whole foods. The purpose of the food labelis to help you make healthy choices so you can eliminate toxins and still eat the foods you enjoy. If you’re not reading, you can’t possibly know what you are consuming. If you get in the habit of reading and understanding food labels, you are on your way to a healthy diet and good foundation in preventing disease.

3. They endure and aren’t interested in the quick fix
Fad diets don’t create fit bodies and neither do yearly gym memberships that are used five times per year. You must be interested in long-term success to become fit and healthy. Results don’t come overnight, but occur in the long haul with commitment and consistency. You must willing to wait for results and know they will come, even in the face of what appears to be invisible progress. That is the key to transforming your body.

4. They make smart healthy choices when they pursue food
Whether it’s grocery shopping or at a restaurant, seekers of health splurge, but they don’t cave into every naughty desire. They understand moderation and they’re willing to make sacrifices for that occasional temptation. They enjoy food but they good healthy food. Out of 365 days per year, they spend 365 days per year thinking about how to increase their health, even if they fall off the wagon on the odd occasion. They make every opportunity to eat clean and organic whenever possible, and if they can’t, they’ll make every effort to select foods with the lowest pesticides and toxic ingredients. Most of all, they don’t follow a public health food pyramid. They follow what works for them.

5. They Know Movement is a Priority
That means they take the stairs when they can. They park further away from stores in parking lots so they benefit from the extra steps. They go for walks. They go for hikes. When they get to a park, they will experiment with the apparatuses. They will play and run with children. They know that sitting is suffering for the body. They consider movement an essential component to the survival of their heart and soul, just like breathing.

6. They Sleep
They know that a lack of sleep wreaks havoc on their metabolism and their mood. They understand that sleep is an essential process to rebuild muscle and energize. Anything less than 7 hours is not an option, ever.

7. They Don’t Ingest Medication of Any Kind
They understand that medication treats symptoms. Fit, healthy people get to the root of their health problems. They’re not interested in symptomatic relief when they can address the cause of their ailments. They treat their bodies like shrines and any kind of health remedy must be holistic in nature, and tuning into the foundation of who they are, free of side effects.

8. They Don’t Make Themselves Victims of Failure
They don’t tell themselves that it’s never their fault. They own up to their mistakes and shortcomings and improve constantly. Many people play the victim at times because of the positive feedback they get in the form of sympathy or pity. They don’t fall into these traps. They empower themselves with lessons of failure and rise up to the occasion with courage and a will to succeed. Regardless of all circumstances in their lives, they are responsible for who they are!

9. They Reward Themselves With Experiences
Instead of using food as a reward, healthy people reward themselves with a variety of experiences. They choose anything that will further increase their health and well being. It could be a vacation, a spa day or simply a stress free experience which helps them grow. After all, everybody has fun and a little excess in their life at some point, but the difference is how far you are willing to allow that excess to change who you are or who you want to be.

Tammy McKenzie is a certified personal trainer and fitness specialist with a speciality in women’s fitness.

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