Mother Becomes Natural Health Advocate After Vaccine Injures Child

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New Book Reveals a Natural Option for Parents Seeking Vaccine Alternatives

The decision parents make not to vaccinate doesn’t have to mean they are leaving their child vulnerable to disease. Author Cilla Whatcott, in her second book on the subject, explains that for over 200 years children and adults have been protected against disease another way.

Homeoprophylaxis may not be widely known in North America, but it has been used in multiple countries, India, Brazil, Cuba, the United States, Europe, Australia and many others.

Cilla Whatcott urges parents to learn more about Homeoprophylaxis as an option. In There is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis—An Appeal to Mothers, Cilla describes her personal travail which led her to discover this alternative. An adoptive mother to three children and one natural child, Cilla’s third child was injured by multiple vaccine injections on the same day.

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Thankfully, her child fully recovered, but the crisis led Cilla to explore a better way to care for her children’s health.

Now a nationally certified homeopath, Cilla is teaching other parents how to educate the immune system using a non-toxic method called homeoprophylaxis, or HP. The concept behind this healing approach is similar to the principle of vaccination, but different in the following ways.

With HP, a single disease is introduced at a time, it is given by mouth contacting mucous membrane where immune response begins, and it contains no additives, detergents, adjuvents, antibiotics or chemicals of any kind. She also shares how this gentle, non-toxic method has been clinically tested around the world.

There is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis takes readers through the history of vaccines, the controversy surrounding them, and studies regarding their safety. Next, the book delves into the historical record and current research about a gentler way, homeoprophylaxis.

 Then, the author addresses parent’s responsibility and their legal rights and how to start a homeoprophylaxis plan. The book closes with a chapter explaining CEASE therapy, a new approach to conquering autism, a childhood malady which some experts link to vaccine injury. The book is now available on

Cilla Whatcott is also co-author of The Solution–Homeoprophylaxis: the Vaccine Alternative and co-founder of Free and Healthy Children International, a Minnesota non-profit designed to educate parents about disease prevention options.

Cilla Whatcott is a featured speaker at an upcoming international conference Homeopathic Prophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice. The conference will be held in Texas next October. Contact the author [email protected] or visit her private practice website

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