Cali Doctor Says, Don’t Vaccinate Children

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By Heather Callaghan

Since the “Disneyland Outbreak” of measles in California, there’s been a mass hysteria and calls for quarantine and forced injection scarcely seen since…that brief break we got from Ebola.

So when a medical doctor boldly stands up and flies against the face of the narrative, the mainstream press cannot help but capture his “shocking statement.”

What they won’t heavily highlight about Dr. Jack Wolfson is that he is a respected integrative cardiologist who does not use medicine to help his heart patients, but instead a whole body view of nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Of course, they bring two opposing views to the broadcast, but in the end: “…both doctors agree that the measles infection, once caught, is not likely to turn deadly.”

Dr. Wolfson does not believe that injecting chemicals and heavy metals into the bloodstream is the way to help the immune system stave off disease.

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Did you know that Merck, the only company licensed to sell the Mumps vaccine is in legal hot water for completely falsifying effectiveness test results? Mumps is included in the Measles Mumps Rubella shot.

Furthermore, some of the side-effects listed on the vaccine insert could be life-threatening conditions. Side-effects also include: atypical measles and measles-like rash. Isn’t that convenient? Actually, it’s not. A complication from atypical measles is pneumonia. That – is something to ponder. Medicinenet says that it only occurs in people who received a killed measles virus vaccine in the late 1960s and people should vaccinate with newer, live-virus vaccines. Yet, Merck’s own vaccine insert lists atypical measles.

Additionally, multiple vaccines have been shown to lead to virus-shedding leading to asymptomatic spread of disease. Dr. Gil Chavez, the California state epidemiologist said, “it is absolutely safe for you to go to Disneyland if you’re vaccinated.” Yet, seven people who contracted measles had been fully vaccinated.


Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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