3 Reasons Why Nutrition Has Been Greatly Neglected in Health and Disease Prevention

by Paul A. Philips

Nutrition always has been a major source for healing and well being. This potentially life-saving information has been known since the days of Greek physician Hippocrates, 400 years BC. His saying: ”Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” is often quoted today.

The reasons for nutrition having such a key role in health and healing can be summarised.

For optimum health, good quality nutrition, a balance of around 80% raw food – fruit, vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts – and also a regular intake of clean water taken over time leads to a smooth running of the body’s metabolic processes. This in effect is what’s needed for optimum health.

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However, regular long-term neglect of good quality nutrition over the years with more than a fair-share of junk food can lead to a metabolic deficiency. This metabolic deficiency manifests in the wave, shape and form of illness: In other words, the analogy I use is this: your car runs at its best when using the right petrol, but any other low-grade choice can cause engine damage in the long term, leading to sluggish performance or even total failure….

While good quality nutrition serves to maintain optimum health and well being, it can be used not only to prevent disease but also reverse it:

More to the point and getting right down to the nitty-gritty, breakthrough evidence has shown us that specific illnesses or diseases have manifested due to specific nutritional deficiencies. So, the key vital life-saving principle here is for sufferers to take regular high doses of that vitamin they are deficient in. Over the long term, this should then bring them back to optimum health.

The above principle goes to the root cause and, therefore, cures. For example, it has been established by Linus Pauling that heart disease was caused by a long-term deficiency in vitamin C. He treated patients with high doses of vitamin C – as much as 6g daily – and, over time, their condition improved and then later was cured.

Why hasn’t the above principle with its vital life-saving information found its way to the public at large? Why, like other cures using nutrition, has the principle of giving very high regular doses to counter vitamin deficiency been ignored? The answer is this…

1. The cures are inexpensive. This poses a threat to the medical/pharmaceutical establishment who do not want these inexpensive alternative therapies undercutting their business. The alternative therapies if allowed to be known by the public at large would also affect the government because they would get fewer revenues. So, with the help of the mainstream media paid off by the medical/pharmaceutical establishment and government they actively prevent these alternative therapies or cures from finding their way to the public at large by suppressing the related information.

2. It’s a well known fact that doctors have received little in the way of training in nutrition at medical school. In fact, the medical schools are medical/pharmaceutical sponsored; so, for reasons given in point 1, the last thing they would do is promote nutrition….

3. Finally, governmental approval bodies like, for example, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – an agency that decides what food and drugs are fit to go on the market – have what’s called the revolving door effect. This is a circumstance whereby members of the approval body later leave and go on to become company directors of the very product they had judged to be fit to go on the market for human consumption! In other words, questionable products, as in the case of aspartame, were allowed to go on the market by biased members with vested interest who later became company directors of that corporation supplying aspartame.

This in effect is how many potentially health damaging food additives like aspartame have been allowed to flood the market and cloud over the effects of good nutrition.

Do realize what’s happening here. Learn to discern what healthy and unhealthy nutrition is. Realize that individuals in high places are more interested in lining their pockets than having a concern for your health.

photo credit: tedeytan via photopin cc

Paul Philips writes for New Paradigm, where this article first appeared.

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