Two Ways Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Make You High

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It’s strange to think that FDA-approved prescription drugs kill over 100,000 people each year (JAMA). Most of which remain legal, on the market and prescribed by doctors. Name one person killed by cannabis consumption – this person doesn’t exist. The “Reefer Madness” scare campaign and disparaging “stoner stereotype” has gone on long enough – it’s time to take a more honest look at marijuana as a superb medicine and vegetable.

While marijuana that is smoked is said to be a depressant, cannabidiol (CBD) acts as an anti-depressant. CBD is a major non-psychoactive component, the one utilized most and studied for its health effects. By itself, it is not to be mistaken for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the psychoactive form that happens when CBD is heated. This is not to downplay the role of THC, however, which is well recognized on its own for its anti-cancer properties.

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Many people, terminally or chronically ill, have taken their health into their own hands with medical marijuana, when all else failed them. Conditions like cancerepilepsy, skin cancer, thyroid mass, schizophrenia, autoimmune disease, paincerebral palsyseizures and rage related to autism, Parkinson’s,  Lyme disease and so much more have been relieved and reversed by cannabis. Among these are children consuming non-psychoactive CBD oils – news media often omit this fact which unfairly leads people to think parents are getting their children stoned. That’s not what medical marijuana is about! All of the people in the links above utilized CBD oils.

As more information emerges about both disease reversal with medical marijuana and its nourishing benefits, the more people are consuming or using raw cannabis leaves and oils. Burning, smoking or cooking cannabis releases THC, the psychoactive element that makes a person “high.” Most people using CBD to heal, believe in the power of its raw form or concentrated form.

Raw cannabis is now being viewed as an essential dietary superfood – again, it doesn’t make a person high. A person can juice leaves or eat them in a salad and go to work. There is also legal, CBD oil that maintains the remedial cannabidiol benefits, again, without the psychoactive elements.

Watch the incredible healing stories of people who took their hopeless health into their own hands with raw cannabis, never once getting high:

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