Monsanto’s New PR Commercial Will Make You Queasy

By Heather Callaghan

Remember when the Corn Refiner’s Association got mad about all those concerns about high fructose corn syrup? And they came out with those public relations ads where the stupid parent raises a concern and the smart parent says “What? That’s it’s made from corn, that it’s natural and like sugar, it’s fine in moderation”?

Yeah…Monsanto’s recent PR stunt takes the genetically modified cake!

Here we have an imagery-based reminder that Thanksgiving is around the corner which hearkens back to one of Norman Rockwell’s “freedom from” pictures and the idea of hunger. They also remind people that the population is getting just so darn hard to feed.

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You may notice the shallow and hypocritical display of culturally diverse feel-goodery. In any other context it would be appropriate – but not with them. Just…No. It is supposed to signal that Monsanto is good, by jove. Consumers should drop all those pesky questions about the company’s dark past, the lack of independent safety testing, their fight against GMO labeling, their aggressive litigation that puts farmers out of business and the devouring of the majority of the world’s food supply and crops.

Apparently, they’d like you to forget over one hundred years of genocidal history. Nuclear weapons, Agent Orange, PCBs, aspartame, bovine growth hormone – those are just a few of their contributions to humanity. Monsanto wants YOU to be apart of the “conversation” during their global takeover of food. They invite you to their new PR website – Watch the wholesome fun for yourself…

I took this screenshot because I couldn’t helping noticing the irony of opening themselves up for discussion and then disabling YouTube comments!

Here’s a blistered, chemical burn caused by Monsanto’s Roundup (glyphosate) – but it should be safe to eat in small amounts, right??

Blister roundup

Yum – Happy Thanksgiving!

H/T to Organic Authority for the video

Image source: Herzi Pinki, Wikimedia Commons

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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