TMI! Outrageous Homework Assignment Wants to Know What’s In Parents’ Medicine Cabinets

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By Heather Callaghan

And the parent’s response is priceless!

What would you do if your child came home with this homework assignment?

That is what Onika Nugent was trying to figure out after seeing this homework assignment from her 8th grade son, given in a health class at Mapleton Jr. High in Utah.

See the scanned document below and Facebook reactions here.

Sure, the dangers of prescription drugs, and especially over-the-counter, which make one drop their guard, are vastly under-reported. FDA-approved drugs kill a conservative estimate of 100,000 Americans each year. In 2009, the deaths from prescription drugs actually surpassed traffic deaths.

When all else fails, it is a personal decision to seek a prescription or OTC for help. But is that not a decision one makes with one’s own conscience and in the confidence of a personal health care practitioner? Should that doorway include the school system?

Chances are, it would be mortifying to think of someone going through your medicine cabinet… Obviously, it is incredibly personal! Because the presence of them indicates all your personal health problems and even your habits – rash cream, eczema cream, Imodium for diarrhea, Gas-X, stool softeners…this could go on forever. Pain is a personal problem too.

But I’m not on any medications – why should I care about this? Look at the last column’s question – Is it FDA approved? Can you think of things that people take that are not FDA approved? That’s right – supplements.

“This is like a policeman searching your house without a warrant,” wrote Onika. Lest one think that that concern is an overreaction, please revisit the intent of the assignment – to combat prescription drug and OTC ABUSE. Her actual response written on the homework assignment is below.

Hundreds of comments from parents are pouring in over the post, eliciting similar responses about privacy concerns. One imagines a teacher giggling over daddy’s Viagra. Another brings up HIPAA violations. Another notices that there is no signature line, implicating that students are to complete the inventory with or without the parent present.
It’s hardly fair for a system that remains intertwined with the healthcare system to ask people to report their personal home items. And it’s hardly fair to place the burden of prescription abuse onto the shoulders of a 13- or 14-year-old, making him responsible for preventing it and throwing unused items out – items that the parents bought, as I don’t know many school-age teens who do all the shopping, book appointments and drive to the pharmacy. The responsibility for safety was to rest with the FDA we pay big bucks to in order to prevent death – and it wouldn’t hurt if they’d pay attention to the chemical dependency Big Pharma causes – I’ll give you a moment for a hearty laugh.
Here is what Onika ended up writing in response:

Dear Ms. _,

Although it may be a good idea for parents to do an inventory of their
medicine cabinet, I believe it is inappropriate for students to counsel
their parents or report to the school what that inventory is. It is a
complete invasion of privacy. It’s like sending a police officer to search a house without a warrant. _ will not be filling out the chart for
this assignment.


Mrs. Nugent

This video sheds a little more light on the situation for those wondering if this was a part of the curriculum or a data grab:

The assignment has since been canceled.

Do you think asking your teen to take inventory of your medicine cabinet and report is overkill? What would you do if you saw this assignment? 

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

  • zollner

    The first thing I would do is call the school principal and set up a meeting with the teacher and have her explain the appropriateness of the assignment in front of both of us. I would then request an alternate assignment that was more appropriate and tell her that you would be keeping the medicine cabinet assignment and going over it with my attorney. My next call or stop would be with the superintendent.

  • qweztionz5

    Teacher is a corporatist informant= should be run out of town

  • Jason Calley

    Charge the school system and administrators with violating HIPAA Privacy Regulations.

  • doodaa

    I would make copies and list every medication known to man(including syringes) and have my child turn in a stack of papers one inch thick. Would be tempted to put the teachers name on it, too.

  • Undecider

    The teacher is an idiot who shows up to work and follows instructions, all for a paycheck.

  • Thomas Van Dal

    I would not even bother calling the school principal but would get a lawyer involved immediately for trying to violate privacy regulations, sue them for the maximum possible, take my kids out of their school, start an offensive information campaign against them, report to the news media, involve a private investigator to find dirt on them, and take every other legal action possible to destroy and stop their Stasi tactics.

  • Doctor Meup

    HIPAA violations can be reported here:

  • Victoria

    This is just part of the ever creeping Police State where the 'authorities' are taking over every aspect of your lives and those of your children. There are no real teachers in the school system anymore, there are just ignorant people implementing a plan to dumb-down the students and take away any sense of self, independent and critical thinking, creativity, etc.

    The bigger question here is what if the students had complied; exactly where would the collected information end up? Would she have just shredded it all? I doubt it – this is profiling, this is snitching. Will the schools have students out their parents for flushing the toilet too many times a day?

    This is a veiled step toward turning students against parents and the State taking over and turning schools into prisons. The more people comply the more this will grow.

  • Adam

    Interesting that this took place in Utah, home to the massive NSA spying operation. Mormons do what they are told. They mean well but are so programmed and controlled that they are easily manipulated into doing nefarious deeds believing they are doing 'good'. The NSA didn't just throw a dart on the map to pick their new home. They chose Utah for it's geological stable location (even though the state breeds earthquake fear non-stop), and for it's easy-to-control workforce. Utah NSA employees eagerly buy into the idea that the NSA is good and exists for our safety and protection. Utah NSA employees see no problem with listening and spying on others as their Church has conditioned them with a HIVE Mind and they are already comfortable with spying on other church members, neighbors, etc.

  • Mike TheVet


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