Never Let a Dietitian Eat Your Brains

By Heather Callaghan

Belgium’s new Health Minister, Maggie De Block is just shy of 300 pounds. This has prompted people to ask, “Would you accept health advice from someone who is morbidly obese?” 
Chances are, it would shake your confidence a bit. But the point of pointing this out is not to bash the overweight. A person can be overweight and much healthier than the average person. In fact, a number of studies have shown that they live longer. (Extreme obesity is another story altogether – a warning sign that something’s not right.) It should be noted that an alarming amount of skinny people can deathly unhealthy, with chronic, mysterious and invisible illnesses. This is not about Skinny vs. Fat.

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No…the point is…why would a seemingly unhealthy person be bolstered to have such authority over a people’s health access? In Maggie’s case, she is not just giving health advice – she takes command over social affairs and health policy for a country! And she is immune to such criticism about her weight, and will step up to that powerful plate. After all, she’s certified. She was a doctor. What is anyone going to do about it if they don’t demand that she resign? Complain about the strange choice is all.
But this obvious gaffe is wide spread – even down to registered dietitians and doctors. 
Here is a scenario witnessed by a friend in clinical waiting room. A tall, slender African-American farmer is consulting with a nurse/dietitian about potential meds. Why is he politely fighting the urge to roll his eyes? She is incredibly obese and is catching her breath as she preaches hellfire and brimstone to him for not going the route of USDA, FDA and AMA-approved elixirs of life. The margarine, those vegetable oils, prescription drugs, plenty of grains, artificial sweeteners and no fat! Then she tells him, in the voice of a mother scolding a kindergartner, that he needs to exercise. She reminds him who knows best – her oversized white coat serving as a badge. 
How can such a one be taken seriously? This could be suffered through were it not for the authoritative and stern stance. The strict adherence to methods that do not produce viable, life-sustaining results. Not to mention – why are obese children, who follow these sanctioned methods, getting increasingly yanked from their homes by child protective service agencies for child endangerment when theoretically – they could be future dietitians and health ministers!
Yet alternative nutritional consultants are called “alternative” for starters, and uneducated and unlicensed. There’s a strong media push not to take them seriously even when they produce astounding results – like reversing disease considered to be deadly and incurable. See Chris Beat Cancer. And, a blogger lauding the benefits of Paleo could be threatened with prison!
Here’s another high profile example showing how the dietitian authoritative stance is rampant not only in the U.S. but simultaneously in Canada and Europe. Before I show you, I want you to notice from now on, the appearance of dietitians and doctors when they speak on television if you happen to be watching. Do they exude health whether they are overweight or not? 
Last Fall, Dr Aseem Malhotra stirred controversy when he suggested that saturated fat wasn’t the culprit in heart disease. Egads! The gall of this cardiologist! He was shunned by some doctors and many dietitians, and was accused of shamelessly lying for daring to defy decades of falsified medical science. Watch the video of this BBC report – does that dietitian opposing him look healthy to you? But check out Dr. Aseem – not only is he trim but he has great skin, youthful appearance, color and vibrancy. Compare that to the female registered dietitian attempting to shame him for his findings. Who would instill more confidence in you? What does your intuition say?
Like Begium’s health minister and registered dietitians, they have the papers, education, certifications, degrees and licensing. Do they get results? If they did, why would they be so threatened by the “alternative” crowd? Enough to want to lobby and fight to only allow state-sanctioned dietary advice. Regardless of how disastrously wrong it turns out to be.
And that is why I point all of this out. To reinforce the idea that you know you best. And you have the right to consult anyone you wish about your whole body health. Before you do, you might consult your own intuition and explore the foods that make you feel best. Question where negative food cravings come from and start adding in whole, organic foods in little by little. 
To never let a dietitian eat your brains is to say, do not outsource yourself – your intellect and intuition – to anyone! To anyone! You have the power over you, regardless of papers and laws. You don’t need a license to have that power. Your body – your health – your decisions. 

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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