Are ALL Superfoods Truly Super? (w/Infographic)

by Natural Blaze

It’s true that there seems to be a superfood of the week … almost every week. But do all of them offer the benefits that proponents claim? Could some of them even be a risk to your health?

We came across the following infographic, which does an admirable job of keeping all of us honest. It’s sure to rankle a few feathers, but it’s always important to question the information we receive. We demand critical thinking when it comes to big pharma and corporate media, so we had best maintain it among ourselves.

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When evaluating the information below, we think it is important to note that everybody is unique – and every body is unique. For example, we have a member of our own team that has a propensity for developing blood clots – clearly, some of the superfoods (like kale) that are high in vitamin K must be ruled out for this individual.

We believe that the single best way toward your own optimal health is to first become informed, then safely experiment with additions or restrictions in your diet and trust your body to guide you – it’s true with exercise; it’s true with your standard diet; and it’s true with superfoods, supplements, mental health training, and anything else that makes up the human experience.

Please add your own personal knowledge confirming or refuting what you will read and see below. Discussion and debate are also cornerstones of healthy living.

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photo credit: mcrosacci via photopin cc

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