Cosmetic Procedures – The New Unusual Types

The quest for physical ‘perfection’ has led to an increase of more unusual cosmetic surgery procedures in the industry. These include cosmetic procedures such as calf implants, freckle removal and…toe modification. Below we look at some of the new procedures that have risen in the cosmetic surgery industry and exactly what they entail.

This ear rejuvenation procedure uses dermal fillers to plump up the earlobe. Because ear lobes are subject to the effects of gravity and time, they can often become wrinkled, ‘weighed down’ or overstretched. An ear-tox plumps a thin earlobe which in turn makes it look more youthful. This is perhaps why this procedure is more common amongst women over the age of 40.

Calf Implants
Calf implants are popular amongst both men and women. It is performed under a general anaesthetic and can take between 1 and 2 hours. The procedure involves a small incision that is made behind the back of the knee and the implant, usually made of silicone, is placed over the existing calf muscles. This implant is then secured by either stitches or by the individuals own muscle.

Freckle Removal
Freckle removal may seem like a slightly odd procedure to some people who see freckles as a sign of youth and beauty, however, there has been a rise in this procedure. Freckles can either occur through sun exposure or they can appear naturally. The freckle removal procedure can have these freckles removed completely in order to achieve an even looking complexion or you can opt to have the freckles lightened in order to reduce their appearance. The procedure is carried out using laser treatments which removes the small pigmentation spots as well as helping with acne, fine wrinkles, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Knee Peel
A knee peel is a procedure which is used to lighten the area of skin around the knee in order to make it appear more even. Many women with darker skinn tend to have greyish or brown knees whilst Caucasian women tend to have more pink knees, making their overall skin tone uneven. Knee peels are also favourable as they may reduce mild scarring and blemishes.
Brazilian Bum Sculpting

A new bum-surgery craze has resulted from ‘Brazilian Bum envy’, this has led women to turn to cosmetic surgery in order to permanently remove fat cells as well as tighten the skin around the bum in order to achieve the ‘perfect bum’.

For those thinking about having plastic surgery it is important to understand the procedure you are about to undertake. Talk with your Doctor and/or Surgeon to ensure you have received proper advice, especially when looking at new types of surgeries.

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