5 Natural Fertilizers That You Can Use on Your Vegetable Garden

By Michelle Toole

Growing a home garden is a great way to stay away from harmful pesticides and chemicals that are poison to your body. You have complete control over what goes into your food, and you don’t have to frantically scan a list of ingredients before picking them.

The last thing you need is a ride to the hospital because your produce tried to kill you at the dinner table. Always stick to the natural route.

Finding fertilizers for your plants can be a real “pain in the grass.” There are a number of toxic brands that use the waste from GMO-fed cows, and other unnatural products that are harmful to living organisms. These are chemicals that you want to avoid at all costs, so why not try something a little less dangerous?

Turns out you can use a number of perfectly good bits of your own trash to fertilize your garden.

Here are 5 healthy fertilizers that you were about to throw away!

1. Banana Peels
Don’t underestimate the amount of nutrients in your banana peels. They’re full of potassium, so tear a few up and toss them in a hole with your flowers before planting them!

2. Coffee Grinds
Your soggy coffee waste is actually full of valuable nitrogen. The acidity in the grinds is also great for growing some of the freshest blueberries around!

3. Human Urine
Yes, we’re serious. Your pee is a great source of nitrogen that you shouldn’t flush down the drain! It’s also very potent though, so only add about 1oz of pee to 20oz of water to make use of the macronutrients.

4. Eggshells
Just like you, plant cells need good food to stay strong. Thankfully, this is just what the calcium in your egg shells provide! Rinse a few used shells before crushing them into the holes throughout your garden.

5. Hardwood Ash
If you have some leftover ash from your fireplace, it’s a great source of calcium, potassium and phosphorus. All of these nutrients are perfect for plants that love alkaline. If you aren’t sold just yet, hardwood ash is also a great pest repellent!

These 5 bits of waste all contain organic properties that can be used in a compost heap to help feed your plants. It’s important to build up your compost with all of the enriching nutrients to make sure that your plants not only grow properly, but produce great produce as well. This can be the difference maker between healthy soil, and toxic soil that can push harmful chemicals into your digestive system.

Take care of your family and make use of your daily trash. Not only will it help the environment by reducing the amount of garbage being thrown into landfills, but it will recycle all of the organic properties in your waste to create new, healthy life. You can also save money on fertilizer!

Michelle Toole is the founder and head editor of Healthy Holistic Living, where this article first appeared. Learn all about her life’s inspiration and journey to health and wellness.

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