This Will Make You Rethink Every Future Food Choice

 By Heather Callaghan

A 32-year-old obese man lies on an emergency room gurney – he’s just had a heart attack. The doctor is baffled, but the man is taken through every food and lifestyle choice he ever made, going back to when his parents made them.

You’ve entered the Rewind Zone.

Is the video below scary? Yes. A little sensational? You bet. It is after all, a you-as-the-first-person point of view sped up montage.

But what is truly chilling is that the footage is playing off the idea of watching your life flash before your eyes during a near-death experience. It made me picture my 12-year-old self; smuggling candy home in my bookbag, eating pizza, fries, diet soda pop every single day for lunch, with no recess and then blitzing out on television during the evenings (avoiding homework) while often eating a fast food dinner.

While I didn’t have too much choice with food, I wish I had known more, been more thoughtful and could have played outside more instead of dealing with the pressure of hours of homework after eight-hour school days. Habits do die hard.

The end is a call to parents to choose better foods for their children, but I think it can speak to everyone. Because, unlike the bleak outlook in this PSA-esque message (alternate ending please!), there’s hope to turn things around. For instance, this grandmother who now gets mistaken for her husband’s granddaughter – can you believe that’s possible? But her new lifestyle didn’t start until mid-life. Louise Hay is now clear into her eighties, and went on to write You Can Heal Your Life – same story, starting at mid-life.

Consider how frequently your organs regenerate and your body is replaced. With gentle cleansing and the right daily fuel – gentle vigilance and rethinking choices by the hour, one day at a time…

..this doesn’t have to be you:

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Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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