Thought As A Food For Health

By Jean Perrins

When you are born your body is a brilliant manifestation of genius, managing millions of transactions a second to keep you healthy and highly aware of your surroundings. All you have to do is lie there and as long as food comes in regularly, everything works like clockwork. Fast forward to adulthood and we notice things can be different health wise. Our foods and our environments are polluted with a myriad of unpronounceable chemicals and a whole foods diet seems to be disappearing from the mouths of a growing number of people. Vegetables rarely scamper across the plates of unawakened North Americans. Health conscious people tend to eat better and try to look after themselves, but what if you could use your mind to further regulate your health and well being, rid your body of toxins and slow the aging process?

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It’s All About Vibration

We all know that everything is energy. Your mind and body cannot differentiate between what is real and what is not in the energy realm. Think of a food that is good for you and your body feels good. Think of a food that is full of chemicals and additives and your body feels not so good. It all has to do with vibration and how that vibration affects you. Take chocolate for example. Depending on the brand and the quality of the chocolate, it will react differently in the body. Although it gives you an endorphin rush, the sugar and added chemicals can be destructive over time. If you can enhance the good and reduce or eliminate the detrimental, you will notice how much different, energetic, intuitive and creative you feel. If you are willing, I am going to give you an experiment to try that will show you how you can affect your own health and vitality with your mind by changing vibration.

Affecting Your Vibration

This little exercise may surprise you. It uses your intent which sends a strong clear message to your upper floor that you are about to create something. After all, you are a marvelous creator. Are you ready? Sit or stand comfortably. As you breathe, just follow your breath with your attention. Also notice how your body feels. If it helps, close your eyes. After about 20 breaths or so, say in your mind, “It is my intent to experience how I would feel with no toxic chemicals in my body.” Now just sit and observe. You may notice you feel a lifting sensation. That is the heaviness of the toxins being relieved. If you feel a subtle humming, tingling or buzzing that is your energy or prana expanding. Keep in mind, nothing is being removed yet. It is momentarily being separated from your awareness by your higher Self. With practice and using your intent, almost anything is possible to remove.

Removing The Junk

Your intent is very powerful but our bodies are filled with so many toxins and low vibrational energies, most of us walk around dragging all this junk like an anchor. And anchor us it does. We can’t see it or feel it per se but when it is gone we begin to feel very different. Your energy field is vast and removing this baggage in the beginning is like digging in a mountain with a spoon, but as you practice and get more skill, you can remove more and more junk and feel better and better. So let’s clean house shall we? Again, sit or stand comfortably and breathe, observing your breath. When you are relaxed and focused, say in your mind, “It is my intent to remove all the toxic and lower vibrational energies from my energy field that I have experienced this morning.” You should now feel that uplifting feeling again and feel a refreshing of your energy. A lot of the energies you experience are duplicates. You experience them over and over again. So you need to do the exercise over and over to help clear up the backlog.

Applying Your Intent

You can use your intent to remove painful memories, energy dumps from unpleasant people, infections, inflammation, heal wounds faster, purify your food and the list goes on. Think of these energies as layers on an onion. Just keep peeling them off making the statement in your mind. You can even use your intent to set the tone for an event coming up in your day. “It is my intent that my job interview attracts me in the most perfect way to the job I want.” Always use the first four words in every declaration you make, but be careful and very sure of what you intent to happen because it will when the energy has a clear path to follow. Take care of your health and well being first so you have the energetic vitality to live your dreams and experience what you intend to create.

Jean Perrins is a published health and inspirational writer living on the West Coast of Canada. She is an expert writer for and has been the ghost writer for health and energy blogs on the web. She is an expert intuitive healer. She has also had an awakening radio show, done speaking internationally, and enjoys dabbling in the arts. Through her research and personal practice she knows how to cram every ounce of health into the body. H/T to Waking Times for this post.

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