Fashion Blogger Heals Her Acne With Raw Honey and Hemp

By Heather Callaghan

Ragini is a popular fashion blogger from India. Her indie style photos featuring herself wearing her own put together dress outfits have been featured on websites like BuzzFeed.

Painful acne had been the bane of her existence and affected her work for her blog. For instance, she would spend so much time trying to cover it with makeup before taking photos.

When I clicked on her blog A Curious Fancy, I never expected to find a natural healing story there. Her photos are untouched. Being the blogger she is, she had cataloged her acne troubles before, and finally offered a solution to her readers after she got stunning results.

To be sure, she had tried everything! One would think a problem like this would be best solved through lifestyle and internal means like nutrition. She has, however, found topical solutions that work – and she did change her lifestyle as well.

Here is everything she had tried – some of us can really relate!

♦ Mud packs ♦ Coal tar+camphor ♦ Retinoic acid ♦ Ozone facials ♦ Clindamycin ♦ Benzoyl Peroxide ♦ Soluble sulphur ♦ Gentamicin ♦ Erythromycin ♦ Azithromycin ♦ Salicylic acid ♦ Cetaphil ♦ Adapalene+Clindamycin ♦ Clarins’ acne range ♦ Dermalogica’s acne range
When she hit early puberty, the acne never left. Furthermore, she was plagued by comments by people about her body image, like “you have a pretty face, if only you could lose weight” and later “now if only you could fix your skin.” So she tried every suggestion for the last 18 years. 
As a last ditch effort, she finally tried doctor-prescribed isotretinoin. It was expensive, did nothing for her acne and caused side effects like stomach cramps and drastic mood dips.

It was time to change her life. She figures her skin just…gave up. She had sustained herself with little sleep, and coffee and nicotine for the last few years. During this time, she had to pare her routine down and that may have been the thing to alert her about her usually harsh, chemical routine.

Nearly collapsing from ill health, the fall and winter were a recuperation period. She tried to eat better, she slept longer and incrementally cut out caffeine and cigarettes. While she felt better and her skin improved, it wasn’t until she went “no-poo” (stopped using chemical shampoos) that she discovered the answer for her acne.

People who go no-poo use a variety of natural substances to cleanse their hair – Ragini used raw honey. For some reason, she wanted to use it on her face. After washing her face in raw honey she noticed amazing differences. Her research led her to find out about the anti-bacterial and moisturizing agents of raw honey.

She realized that the dermatologists’ recommendations of drying the acne out as much as possible weren’t adding up. Her overall skincare and the acne improved with more moisture – and oil. She removed her make-up and, in a sense, cleansed with evening primrose oil. Oils like primrose, black seed, and hemp are higher in linoleic acid which is better for acne-prone or clogged skin. She does not use soap on her face.

After the 15-minute honey treatment, she applies The Body Shop’s Hemp Body Butter while her face is still wet, and reapplies as needed. She calls them the saviors of her skin. Once a week she does a brown sugar and raw honey scrub. The body butter is not the greatest item as far as ingredients go, but a lot of reviewers report similar results, and even eczema alleviation. Ragini would prefer the Hemp Face Protector or making her own with hemp seed oil, but choices in India are limited.

It’s very important here, to distinguish raw honey from pasteurized. Recently, I was duped at a farmers market of all places by a label that claimed raw, but as you can see from this guide, there’s a big difference. It was no different than grocery store honey.

Have you tried homemade treatments like hers? What works for you?

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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