Corporate Media Continues Vaccine Protection Racket

by Amanda Warren

The video below almost speaks for itself in its corporate desperation to acknowledge the story about restaurant chain Chili’s supporting an autism charity that is anti-vaccine, though later backing down, while simultaneously jumping all over the vaccine-autism link as a discredited conspiracy theory.

The anchor cites facts from the “real government agency with real scientists” – the CDC – as verification (cue laugh track).

There are many problems here, as readers of this site no doubt already know, but just in case one needs a quick reference for why this is an absolute joke of a piece of propaganda, here are two must-see videos with titles that alone get the message across, and research links attached that prove the assertions made.

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CDC Reports Autism Increases to 1 in 68 Children

FDA Vaccine Insert Lists Autism as Adverse Reaction

And since this anchor also mentions measles “now on the rise” – here’s a bonus video:

New York Measles Outbreak: 90% Vaccinated

For truly independent vaccine information, please visit the following three recommended sites:

Sane Vax, Inc:
Experimental Vaccines:

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