What if you found the Holy Grail of Natural Medicine?

Dr. Rima Laibow
Natural Solutions Foundation

Well, if you were the US Fraud and Death Administration, you would demonize it with all of your might, pretending that it was ineffective, dangerous and bad for the world. That way, drug sales and government medical control of life and death would not be endangered.

You would get your buddies in other agencies, including the Justice Department, to criminalize the good stuff and legitimize the stuff your Big Pharma buddies hawk which actually IS ineffective, dangerous and bad for the world.

Of course the underground (internet, scuttlebutt, youtube) would have lots going on about it, but quality, reliability and availability would be serious problems for the Health Seeker (HS). That HS, struggling with cancer or Parkinson’s Disease or autism or chronic pain or depression or schizophrenia or anxiety or asthma or… that HS would be told that the One True Faith of the Church of the Great and Good God Pharma would punish him severely if he strayed and sought out the Holy Grail on his own: his insurance would not compensate him and he would be forced to the lowest Circle of Medical Hell: Out of Pocket Payment!

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But I believe I actually may have found the Holy Grail of Natural Medicine and it is legal, GMO-free, clean and powerful. It is, compared to the incredible prices of dangerous chemotherapy and drugs, pretty close to dirt cheap (but it may not feel like that since no insurance company with interlocking directorates with Big Pharma pays for this substance, creating the illusion that your treatment is just a co-payment away from free.

Now that does not mean that the Fraud and Death Administration is happy about the existence, and the legal status, no less, of the Holy Grail! In fact, since I announced its availability on my sites, the DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service, link corruption and other hacking, attacking behaviors by the Powers that Think These attacks have been, quite literally, non-stop.

But the reality of the safety and efficacy of this wonder substance is there for all to see. Not just anecdotes offer us this powerful information: there are a multitude of powerful scientific studies supporting its use in all manner of conditions. Pubmed.com, gives me:

  • 12,700 citations for “Cannabis”[1]
  • 13,009 for “hemp”[2]
  • 343 for “cannabis + cancer”[3]
  • 615 for “cannabis + pain”[4]
  • 2099 for “medical + marijuana”[5]

The point is obvious.

Still, the FDA, usually so quick to invoke the rather loose and ill-defied “significant scientific agreement” standard, acts as if these studies from around the world never took place. Holy Mother Church of Pharma disowns them.

The Holy Grail of Natural Medicine has been found. It is High Potency Hemp Oil™ grown from selected varieties of Cannabis Sativa (the same species that produces marijuana) specifically selected and bred (through natural, not GMO methods) to have very low THCs (the get-you-high compounds) and very high CBDs (the get-you-well compounds).

And it is completely legal in the US and many other countries.[6]

Hemp plants grown to produce oil or fiber are differentiated from marijuana in several ways and are called “Industrial hemp” to make it clear that they are not recreational drug plants. Although they are of the same species, Cannabis sativa, the genetics of the strains used for recreation and for medicine and the way in which they are cultivated genetics and the way they are cultivated “are as different as a Chihuahua and a Great Dane. Cannabis plants grown for marijuana are bred for high THC and given enough space to branch out so they can produce buds. Cannabis plants grown for hemp have much lower THC and are packed densely—typically 35 to 50 per square foot—because the stalks are the most valuable part. “[7]

When marijuana is smoked, the psychoactive compounds called Tetrahydrocannabinaols of THCs are activated and the other 79 or so cannabinoids go up in smoke, literally.

When the oil from low THC/high CBD cultivars is consumed, applied to the skin, inhaled or otherwise taken into the body, those other cannabinoids are ready to do their work.

And they do work.

Let me be clear: I do not worship at the Altar of Big Pharma, having practiced drug-free medicine and psychiatry for nearly 44 years, since my graduation from Medical School in 1970.[8] But I never used or recommended high CBD hemp because of the legal issues. I simply was not willing to risk the legal consequences for my patients – or for myself.

Hemp has been illegal to grow in the US since 1933, creating a sort of legislative Reefer Madness, despite the fact that it has been cultivated for at last 9,000 years for fiber, food and remedy. And although legislation has recently been proposed to amend the hemp-hostile laws, growing it remains legal in several states but illegal at the Federal level.

Hemp oil as a treatment for cancer and a host of other diseases and conditions was largely popularized by the efforts of Canadian Rick Simpson who cured his own cancer and tried to share the wonders of his discovery without seeking a patent or other compensation. Although hemp can legally be grown in Canada under strict controls (e.g., farmers must obtain only permitted low THC seed), hemp oil is not a legal substance and Simpson found himself eye-to-eye with the might of the Canadian government. He migrated to Europe where he could pursue his miracle.

I had long known about

  • Nutritional hemp oil with great health benefits as a healthy oil (no THCs and no CBDs)
  • Hemp protein powder, which is a great addition to many diets (ditto: no THCs and no CBD)
  • Hemp oils with variable percentages of both THCs and CBDs).

But these are not therapeutic hemp products. They are nutitional and have great nutritional characteristics but there was no way I would advise a seriously ill patient to use something with a known low concentration of CBDs and possibly an illegal concentration of THCs.

Then the Holy Grail showed up.

A nutritionist friend of the Natural Solutions Foundation told me about a new Affiliate Program which is going to offer hemp oil products made with high concentration of CBDs. They currently have lower concentration CBD products. But if you have cancer, intractable epilepsy, unremitting and brutal pain, waiting until someone’s business model says it is time to provide a product you need is simply not an option.

So I went looking for hemp oil once I learned that it was legal. Knowing I was on the hunt, an associate called to tell me that a company was making high quality, high CBD hemp oil from non GMO, European grown industrial hemp and provide me with the data on the company.

I called them immediately. And I discovered that it is possible to provide a LEGAL range of LEGAL High Potency CBD Hemp Oil Products available NOW.

That means that seriously ill people, including my patients in the US (but NOT Canada), in Chile (but not New Zealand) can have 22% CBD hemp oil, or 15.5% decarboxylated CBD hemp oil (which some say is more effective in cancer situations), or capsules with a full 25mg of CBD or 25% CBD chewing gum (a great delivery system, by the way). Remember, these products have no THC and cannot make you “high.”

Now let’s suppose that you have brain or breast or colon (or whatever) cancer (I hope you don’t) and your doctor tells you that you MUST have chemotherapy and radiation and you say,

“Thanks, but no thanks, Doc! I’m gonna get me some High Potency CBD Hemp Oil and take, oh, about a gram a day, maybe two.”

“My hair won’t fall out, my gums won’t get sores, my appetite will be just fine, my body’s own immune forces will get stronger and the cancer cells will forget how to live forever and remember how to die off, just like they should have done in the first place. That’s how a functioning immune system handles uncontrolled cell growth.”

“So thank you, Doc, but no thanks!”

You have just made a decision that can save your life but runs the risk of getting you excommunicated from the Holy Mother Church of Big Pharma. You will be outside the safe, shiny, white robed sanctuary of Doctor Knows Best, Put Your Faith in Pharma sacraments and you may have to Go It Alone, Paying Your Way.

Your friends and relations may scorn you, scare you and scoff at you.

As painful as it may be, it really does not matter. It is sort of like refusing to get bled by a surgeon in 1640. Bleeding people is a bad idea, no matter how great everyone around you thinks it is.

For more information on Natural Medicine’s Holy Grail, please contact me at [email protected] . High Potency CBD Hemp Oil™ is so new that the website is still under construction, but I cannot wait. Perhaps you can’t wait, either.

Too many people have been waiting too long who have too many diseases and conditions that High Potency CBD Hemp Oil might help!

In fact, it just might be the Holy Grail for you or someone you care about.

For more information on what High Potency CBD Hemp Oil™ offers for regaining and maintaining health, contact [email protected]

High Potency CBD Hemp Oil™ is a dietary ingredient that may be offered to supplement the diet or, as a medical food, for the dietary management of medical conditions. My intent is to minister to the sick and suffering by all lawful means. And now that includes High Potency CBD Hemp Oil™!


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Rima E. Laibow, MD, who is licensed to practice medicine in 3 states, has practiced drug free medicine and psychiatry for nearly 45 years. She is the Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, www.DrRimaTruthReports.com, the world’s largest Health Freedom organization. Her email is [email protected]

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