What Happens When You Walk 3,000 Miles Through China

By Heather Callaghan

Such a walk conjures images of Forrest Gump, and, like his character, it wasn’t for physical health reasons that German man Christoph Rehage decided to take that long walk all across China. Something inside of him drove him to it. He walked for nearly a year. It changed his life forever.

He says “I like walking because it makes you own your way…I visit a place by train, and I am a tourist, I walk to the same place on foot, and the place is suddenly mine, we belong together, I don’t feel like an alien anymore.”

When you see the video, do you notice a difference in his countenance? His demeanor? What do you think of what he did – would you ever do the same?

See if his inner burning was ever requited…

The transformation is shocking. The only other thing I can say is – you’re going to love this!

You can read more about him on his Frequently Asked Questions page, where he answered:

Along with your hair and beard growing, I guess your heart and your soul have also grown. How? And according to some interviews, the walk taught you how to prioritize. How did that happen? 

It is important to know what one wants. If you know what you want most of all, then you can fight for it – but what if you don’t know? At the beginning of the walk, I felt that walking was my number one priority. At the end of the walk, I realized that my priorities had shifted, or maybe they hadn’t been what they appeared to be in the first place? Anyways, I knew I had to make some changes. And I was grateful for it.

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His website: The Longest Way

He has books out, but they are only currently available in German – so we will have to keep our eyes out for an English version in the future.

Image: The Mind Unleashed

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