Have HPV vaccines caused a global epidemic of psychosomatic disorders?

by Norma Erickson

Mass hysteria, conversion disorder, psychogenic illness, Munchausen by proxy, fabricated illness – all are terms familiar to those who experience new medical conditions after using the HPV vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix. Countless people have been told that their new and mysterious symptoms are psychosomatic because doctors are unable to discover what is causing their symptoms.

Do health authorities truly expect people to believe there is a global epidemic of psychosomatic disorders that just ‘happened’ to begin shortly after the implementation of HPV vaccination programs?

Why is it that families with daughters and sons who experience new medical conditions after taking Gardasil or Cervarix can visit every kind of medical specialist available without discovering the cause of their child’s symptoms?

Part of the problem could be that while studying to become doctors, people are taught that vaccine injuries are so rare that they will probably never see one during their entire career.

Part of the problem could be that vaccine injuries exhibit such a broad range of symptoms that it is difficult to determine whether the symptoms are the result of illness or injury.

Part of the problem could be there is no diagnostic criteria established for vaccine injuries. Therefore, physicians have no idea what to look for in order to determine if the symptoms are a result of HPV vaccine administration or not.

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Then again, Dr. Mark Flannery may have hit the nail on the head in a recent article he wrote for www.vaccinationwaivers.com, in which he stated:

It is not uncommon for me to encounter a condition I have never seen before as I treat so many people who have been to practitioner after practitioner seeking answers for their obscure health condition. I see patients being dismissed by the medical field because they cannot find a diagnosis.

In the medical field it is all about the diagnosis. In order to get paid or reimbursed by insurance there has to be a diagnosis. In order to determine medical treatment there has to be a diagnosis. If there is no diagnosis to be found then there must not be a problem or the problem is in the head (made up).

So basically, if it’s not ‘in the book,’ it doesn’t exist except for in the mind?

Another typical example of the callous disregard for the suffering of those who experience adverse events after Gardasil or Cervarix was expressed by Dr. Yutaka Ohno, of Keio University, who has stated publicly:

It is impossible to find physical causes for the alleged and presumed adverse reactions at those vaccinated girls, so we cannot help concluding that their so-called adverse reactions are the mere consequences of psychosomatic reactions. The government should provide counselling to the girls so that they may be freed from their psychosomatic reactions.

This is a prime example of the attitude being exhibited worldwide when it comes to the thousands of families impacted by serious adverse events after HPV vaccine administration. Forget trying to treat their ailments; let’s free them from their psychosis.

Where does this leave those unfortunate families whose children are suffering after HPV vaccinations? It doesn’t matter to them that vaccine injuries are supposed to be rare – Their children are suffering and the world does not seem to care.

Society has failed these families. No one will dispute the fact that vaccine injuries can and do happen. It truly does not matter how rare vaccine injuries are, or are not. What matters is people are suffering needlessly.

The time has come to find out why some people suffer such severe side effects and why.

A diagnostic criteria must be established for vaccine injuries so medical professionals know what to look for.

It is time for medical professionals to find cures for the vaccine injured – it is time to choose science over psychosis. 

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Norma Erickson is the President of Sane Vax, Inc., where this first appeared.

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