8 Examples of the Science of Nature’s Wisdom

By Lewis Herridge

A Brave New Reflection…

In Aldous Huxley’s enduring master piece Brave New World, you find that world controllers have created an ‘ideal’ society. They cleverly use genetic engineering, brainwashing, recreational drugs and sex to keep all it members happy consumers. Many people draw comparisons as to where our society presently is and where it is heading in our future. If you are like many of the thousands of people ‘waking up’ around the world then you too will draw this worrying comparison.

Having recently re-read this book, one small part stuck out to me. Human engineers where discussing their subject’s [humans] brainwashing, when this was said:

Primroses and landscapes…have one grave defect; they are gratuitous. A love of nature keeps no factories busy. It was decided to abolish the love of nature, at any rate among the lower classes… We condition the masses to hate the country…

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This is exactly what is happening in one way or another. As a species we have become disconnected from the earth, from nature and our human roots. We no longer use nature’s wisdom. Children would rather play on a computer than run around amongst the trees. People will happily identify hundreds of corporate logos and celebrities but fail to identify a common tree or plant species. Many do not possess the clothing and footwear to take a muddy or wet walk and others do not possess the practical skills or fitness levels to make this possible. To make matters worse, we have almost entirely lost our connection with each other, our sense of community is nearly non-existent and this is all replaced by a superficial, materialistic and egotistical world that is hell bent on its own destruction.

How does the outdoors environment make you feel?

In a recent, deep and meaningful debate around a campfire with a group of adults, the question was asked, ‘How does the outdoors environment make you feel?’ Interestingly these were the main responses:

  1. It is good for the spirit.
  2. If offers adventure, we all want adventure, whether on a street corner or in nature.
  3. Good to keep your head level. It has made me a calmer person.
  4. It has a bit of something for everyone… touches all aspects of life.
  5. Allows you to switch off from the rat race.
  6. Like you can work at a pace dictated by nature and not other people.
  7. You can just be.

From this response, it is clear that nature offers us something that is ‘real’ and much of this is supported by countless pieces of research. Many studies show that being in nature and amongst woodlands, ‘provides for the well-being of individuals, promotes recovery after illness, reduces stress, improves health, reduces obesity and promotes positive attitudes’, something that everyone could do a little of. It offers us adventure which excites us and brings us joy, an inner calm, peace and a place to find our own identity, away from the ‘someone’ that we are told to be through our high tech and ‘advanced’ society. It enable us to tap into our spirit, true self and awaken our true well-being. Let us now explore the science behind this.

1. Atoms are Energy, Frequency and Empty Space

Mainstream physics has discovered that everything around us is made up of atoms and one percent of every atom is composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons. The other 99% is empty space. To put this in comparison if the nucleus (centre of Atom) was the size of a penny the electrons would be whizzing around a large Cathedral and everything else is empty space. So how does everything appear so solid if it is 99% space? This is simple, atoms vibrate. They carry a certain frequency which decides their density. The world we see and our bodies are just energy vibrating. The Universe is a big collection of energy and frequency.

2. Schumann Resonance

The planet also vibrates and this is known as the Schumann resonance, the pulse of Earth or the pulse of Life and it has a frequency of 7.83Hz. This is a funny figure as it is the same frequency as the human alpha brain waves which are seen in wakefulness where there is a relaxed and effortless alertness. They are also heavily linked to creativity, peak performance, stress levels, anxiety and the immune system. In towns and cities where many of us live, this frequency is heavily disrupted due to our complex and sophisticated lifestyles, but as soon as you leave, it changes.

Now is it just a coincidence that the outdoor environment makes you feel so good or is this proof of something significantly deeper? Perhaps our natural energetic state is re-harmonizing with that of the planet, which returns our brainwaves to more natural states.

3. Light

Low levels of light have been associated with depression. People that spend a lot of time indoors and away from natural light will feel the effects of this. The retina picks up the darkness and sends a message to the pineal gland. This will secrete a sleeping hormone called melatonin which has a sedative effect. If it is light outside, the pineal gland will not secrete melatonin, and this process also happens in reverse. If you receive too much light, perhaps caused by TVs, computer screens or street lights before you want to sleep then your brain is not ready and you may experience trouble nodding off.

4. Circadian Rhythms

To put it simply, this is the natural internal body clock for humans, animals and plants. It determines sleeping and feeding patterns, but there are also clear patterns involving core body temperature, increased blood pressure, brain wave activity, hormone production, cell regeneration, and other biological activities in humans.

The rhythms of the earth and lunar movement are closely linked to the rhythms of the brain. But in our society we time ourselves by clocks of our own making and have forgotten the natural rhythms of the earth. Days, months and years are all marked with natural peaks and dips, which many of us simply ignore in the haste of modern life.

This circadian rhythm is a starting point in how we should engage with the world, but is far too often over looked in man’s sophisticated, modern and hurried lifestyle. We pay the price if we run against the natural cycles of this planet, and it can have damaging mental and physical effects. Science is now connecting many illnesses with an unbalanced circadian rhythm. Conditions such as obesity, depression, diabetes, mental conditions such as ADHD and bipolar disorder, organ disease and cancers have all been linked.

5. Creativity

Creativity can be defined as the process of producing something that is both original and worthwhile. It often involves the use of hands and mind together. By engaging in creative acts we can awaken our minds, and nature is an ideal catalyst.

Each side of the brain controls different types of thinking. People are said to prefer one type of thinking over the other. For example, a person who is “left-brained” is often said to be more logical, analytical and objective, while a person who is “right-brained” is said to be more intuitive, thoughtful and subjective.

Our society is moving further away from the right brain thinking and more into the left. We only need to look at schools and education in general to find that subjects which are right-brain dominate such as art, music and theatre are losing popularity and are under threat. There appears to be an imbalance and the left-brain has asserted itself as the dominate side.

6. Resourcefulness

Linked very closely with creativity, resourcefulness is being able to act effectively or imaginatively, especially in difficult situations. Learning how things work, starting to use your hands in a practical manner, cooking from scratch using basic ingredients, learning how to sow, knit, grow your own food and learning about the practical aspects of nature all count. But western society is rapidly losing this trait with potentially grave consequences.

But this skill offers much more, as it gives you a connection with your natural state which can put you in better touch with who you really are and how the world works. It can put you on the path to reclaim your sovereign nature that will be so important in times to come. In short, it starts to release the shackles that have been imposed on you.

7. Green Space Improves health

In Britain, Natural England has calculated that better access to green space would create an estimated saving to the health service of £2.1bn a year. This is a huge saving considering the dire financial times we are all faced with.

But this would go against the grain and would mean that people may start to like or even appreciate nature and this is a door that should not be opened. Imagine the consequences if the true power of nature was confirmed. It would be like opening a can of worms that our controllers do not want to set free.

The corrupt pharmaceutical multi-billion dollar industry would suffer, as people would return to natural healing methods (which have effectively worked for thousands of years), the entertainment industry would suffer as people would not need to constantly fulfill a restless mind, and the energy industry and oil and gas companies would be massively affected as greater emphasis would be put on preservation, protection and balance. It would turn our society upside down.

A Better World

Knowing this, we can help shape a better world. To get better re-connect with nature we must:

  1. Put ourselves amongst the calmness of the trees or the stillness of the mountains as regularly as possible.
  2. Get more natural light everyday.
  3. Harness the power of our creativity.
  4. Re-instigate our resourcefulness.
  5. Live more aligned with the rules of nature.

Through doing this we develop a deep bond with nature that has the power to show us the way home. The way back to our source, our spirit and our connection to true well-being that has been severed. Whether this has happened through the world controllers that Aldous Huxley describes in Brave New World, the global elite that many talk about, or by our own egotistical minds, the problem remains the same. It is time that we re-evolve and re-connect.

About the Author

Lewis Herridge is the founder of Re-Evolving Earth a globally aware organisation that uses nature wisdom to educate and awaken people’s spirit and true well-being. By using the principles of nature and of our past, we can all live happier, healthier and more contented lives. Please visit; http://www.re-evolvingearth.com/ for more information.


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