Fukushima Mainstream News

By Dr. Mark Sircus

Nuclear tests, such as Operation Redwing in 1956, deposited radioactive plutonium and cesium in the atmosphere. Photo via National Nuclear Security Administration/Wikimedia

Recently the long silence around Fukushima and the dangers of the radiation emanating from there is hitting the mainstream. ABC News is worried about Fukushima and what that might mean for the west coast of North America. It’s an enormous problem getting bigger and radiation is creeping up on the west coast as the entire north Pacific becomes contaminated on the surface. “TEPICO is over their heads” and the rest of the world does not care that corporate mafia types are at the helm.

Fairewinds Energy Education’s Arnie Gundersen discusses the risk to the US West Coast population from the ongoing releases from Fukushima Daiichi. Should we be worried about walking by or swimming in the Pacific? How safe are California’s beaches? What about eating Pacific seafood?

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The upshot, in Arnie’s presentation is that, while all exposure to radiation is hazardous and cumulative, it’s still OK to jog along a California beach on a foggy morning and even to swim in the Pacific Ocean buthe does warn us not to eat Pacific-caught fish, until a reliable system of checking the bio-accumulation of hot particles in seafood, guaranteeing its safety has been put into place.

This is a must listen to video that Arnie puts out in all sincerity. What he shares does provide a reference point but clearly it is only one of many. I would like to ask him if he was a pregnant mother in her first weeks would he do the same. I would like to know if he was a young man planning a family would he move to California. Those would be hard questions that hurt.

But there is no place like home and being where one’s loved ones are but that said I have heard Dr. Helen Caldecott say over and over how she would fly her family right out of Boston if the spent pool in building four goes critical. Arnie is so right about just about everything and he has my trust as a reliable anchor to reality. Unfortunately it’s almost impossible, for any one of us, to hold onto all corners of a presenting reality.

For instance, and I think I might almost be guilty of this myself, I have not heard one commentator speaking about the mercury fallout in California. Yes, even with all that radiation from Fukushima, which so far, if you are out of Japan, and if you did not catch a hot particle from there in your lungs, belly or thyroid so far, what is happing at Fukushima is peanuts compared to the thousands of tons of mercury that are put into the air each and every year by the burning of coal.

Actually I have written more about mercury than anyone else and you can see my many articles here. I must confess that I have become unfocused about the RISING TIDE OF MERCURY, which is the name of a book I never published. One of the ways you can spot an evil person easily is when they talk about global warming and carbon dioxide as a cause yet they fail to mention mercury emissions from coal plants. Some people just do not care a hoot about how many people get hurt nor how long they will suffer.

Just to give a hint about what we are up against with radiation and the Fukushima problem, that will never go away, is how mercury is dealt with by medical officials and the government. It too is not a problem so it’s ok to inject it in babies and adults blood and dentists still have little problem installing tons of it inches from peoples’ brains. Both children and adults have been known to drop dead suddenly—even athletes have fallen only to have it found out that concentrations of mercury have massively concentrated in heart tissues. And cancer. Much of cancer is caused by human ignorance and deceit because mercury is one of the great causes of cancer like radiation is.

People are Dying

We have to face the music. People are being diagnosed with cancer and dying like flies all around us and this is not yet from Fukushima, not yet officially at least. Some very young were reported to have perished when the first plumes went over and round and round the globe a few times. Fetus and infants are ultra-sensitive to radiations hellish effects. I challenge anyone to deny that!

Mercury is a heavy metal that gives uranium a run for its money. Mercury is like radiation meaning its effects are only felt long after exposure though some die more quickly and again it’s the infants that doctors expose in their sick madness. They are more sensitive to heavy metal exposure than adults meaning you would think, if pediatricians were human, that they would adjust down the dosage of mercury with the weight of a person but no, they did not do that with the Hep B vaccine until they took the mercury out in the first world but not in the third.

People are dying of “mystery” illnesses. People are dying of the flu but what are they really dying of? When someone dies of the flu they are really dying of what caused the flu. One of the most brilliant scientists concluded that and many clinicians have seen the mercury lining their cancer patients’ mouths. The increasing radiation from Fukushima is mixing with the already well-established mercury that has gotten into EVERYTHING! It is worse than ten Chernobyls and twenty Fukushimas.

Thiol poisons, especially mercury and its compounds, reacting with
SH groups of proteins lead to the lowered activity of various enzymes
containing sulfhydryl groups. This produces a series of disruptions
in the functional activity of many organs and tissues of the organism’.
– Professor I.M. Trakhtenberg

Radiation is the Death Principle

“Radiation is the normal death principle. Everything in Nature dies normally by slowly radiating its heat. Radioactivity is the explosively quick death principle. Radioactivity is man’s discovery of how the human race can die quickly, and not be able to propagate its kind for many long centuries. Man’s illegitimate use of DEATH to benefit life will but multiply death upon this planet until not one grass blade will be left upon it.” Wrote Dr. Walter Russell in his infamous book Atomic Suicide.

Between 1945 and 1998, nations around the world tested nuclear weapons underground, underwater and high in the atmosphere. Particles of radioactive plutonium from nuclear testing have remained high in the stratosphere for more than 50 years, and volcanic eruptions such as Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull in 2010 can bring those particles into the lower atmosphere, researchers report January 7 in Nature Communications.

When they watched the one volcano erupt researchers in Switzerland began taking aerosol samples from the troposphere, and they found elevated concentrations of radioactive particles. Levels of plutonium and cesium (another byproduct of nuclear testing) were up to three orders of magnitude higher than levels found in aerosols at ground level. And we have had a lot of that kicked up from Fukushima in the early meltdown and explosion days.

Now we have volcanoes blowing up all over the place blowing enormous amounts of materials into the stratosphere where more particles are just waiting to be taken down.

These are two volcanoes in Indonesia that have been erupting almost constantly. Mount Sinabung, a volcano in Indonesia’s North Sumatra province, erupted 24 times on Friday, shooting a column of ash about 4,000 meters to the sky and forcing further evacuation. Mount Sinabung has erupted more than fifty times since Saturday, spewing searing clouds of gas and lava as high as 4 to 5 kilometer. Before we only had to worry about the cooling effect of record breaking volcanic activity but now scientists are telling us we have to worry about plutonium falling from the sky.

We are just starting to get a clearer picture of what is going on from the mainstream media. The silence is cracking. This video is precious as we witness Dr. Helen Caldecott eat alive a doctor who represents the official views of institutions like the UN and WHO. Caldecott knows her stuff and it pays to listen to her.

A south St. Louis man who has been measuring radioactivity levels for years says levels jump substantially when it snows in the area. Readings taken from the snow blanketing St. Louis, Missouri seems to contain double the normal radiation amount, once again stoking concerns that the ongoing Fukushima crisis is now impacting areas of America.

“Normal background in this area is approximately 30CPM,” writes DutchSinse. “This means small particles of radioactive material are indeed coming down in the precipitation. Past tests show around 30CPM in the same spot on a nice day with no precipitation,” he adds, noting that snowstorms in 2012 also showed alert level radiation readings.

Background radiation is only slightly dangerous and double or triple that amount is not dangerous in the short term but it is in the long term since every tiny bit more added to the background, according to the Academy of Science, is dangerous and adds additional cancer risk.

As reported earlier, Geiger counter readings taken on a beach in San Francisco returned results five times the safe level of normal background radiation, prompting officials to launch an investigation. Whether such readings are linked to the ongoing Fukushima crisis is unknown but we do know that trade winds blow the radiation right over and through the ocean waters, which will year by year become increasing radioactive.

This is just the beginning. The fact that officials in Japan have been duplicitous in downplaying the true scale of radiation releases at almost every turn has understandably fanned the flames of deep suspicion and fear that the public is being deceived and even betrayed by governments and their corporate sponsors.

Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P) is Director of International Medical Veritas Association, a Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine. Check out his website where this article appeared and Google Plus

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