Ageless Grandmother Gets Mistaken for Husband’s Granddaughter

By Heather Callaghan

Would you have guessed that the woman pictured here is now 71? She is Annette Larkins from Miami-Dade county, Florida. When she goes out with her husband of 55 years, she gets mistaken for his granddaughter!

It is not mere agelessness that she desires. She has a message about health that she feels must finally share with the world. For around 27 years now, she has practiced raw-veganism, but she takes it even one step further – by growing her own fresh foods for juicing and eating.

Her husband, Amos, is 80 and is proud of his fit and healthy raw foodist wife, although he wishes he had started sooner.

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He has gone through an aging process that many of consider the norm and requires prescription drugs for his health problems. Actually, he looks younger than 80 himself and too many people don’t make it to age 80.

Husband Amos – Married 55 years – Image

Annette would tell you, it is never too late to start. After all, she started after age 40! She grew up on soul food. One day, it all looked different to her, especially the meats – the smells and tastes were no longer for her and she started making her own meals on the side. Her husband, who was a butcher at the time, was concerned that she might be ill, but that hasn’t been the case ever since. She doesn’t even take an aspirin.

Her initial veganism eventually morphed into raw food and then growing. She collects rainwater for gardening and filters for drinking. She calls her garden her fountain of youth. She is a Renaissance woman, able to tackle so many accomplishments like learning languages, creating an edible yard and building computers.

This news story from early 2012 continues to go viral when people discover the “ageless woman”:

Since the ultimate diet is such a personal issue, I wish to emphasize that Annette followed her intuition and her body’s signals when she started her path. There are untold numbers of specific diets for all the different body types, many of which are completely contradictory to each other.

One naturopathic doctor I know might tell one person to go more raw-vegan and might tell another to head towards paleo or traditional foods. A naturopath  who doesn’t view everyone from one lens is wonderful for pinpointing your nutritional needs. But one would be hard pressed to deny the healing power of Annette’s addition of homegrown vegetation and juicing for nutrition.

For a couple years, people have wondered if Annette’s story was a hoax. Last year, on The Doctors, she provided her driver’s license on the screen and wished they had verified that she has never had any surgery.

Larkins turns down nearly all public speaking requests but continues to share her message about her journey to health and vitality humbly on her own terms. It is like a calling to her.

She says in her bio:

I have always been passionate about motivating individuals to make changes that will enrich their lives; I like stimulating the psyche of others and helping them to discover the power within themselves.

Visit her website and check out her eBook:

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.


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