Can This Spray-On Clothing Clean Up The BP Oil Disaster?

by Heather Callaghan

A naked woman stands in front of a fashion designer chemist – in short time, she is wearing a beautiful flowing dress to wear on the runway.

It was sprayed upon her body and crafted right there. It can be removed, washed, re-worn or dissolved and recycled into a new creation.

Spanish innovator Manel Torres is about to rock the fashion world; yet, his invention that was inspired by silly string, can go beyond fashion and clean up the impossible.

Fabrican is an aerosol spray that contains fibers and liquid polymers that dry and solidify when reached by air. This clothing, which is also non-flammable, would always fit the individual. It goes on the body like a second layer of skin in an unwoven fabric that comfortably rests on the wearer. It can be sculpted into different designs and painted for any color.

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Given the synthetic materials, some people might not be able to enjoy that type of clothing, but its other applications are many. It could catapult the medical world with spray-on gauze, bandages and cast molds – nano technology could transform the gauze into a transdermal medicinal patch. The cast molds could be used to create solid furniture out of thin air.

One of the most compelling parts of the video was also the least focused upon. Torres does a small scale demonstration of oil resting on water in a bin. He then sprays the fabric web atop the water and the oil immediately absorbs into the floating gauze. He scoops up the soiled gauze, saying everything can be easily removed after the cleanup.

Although abated in the news, the aftermath of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion continues on with coverups, job loss, economic devastation, mysterious disease symptoms in humans, and death of aquatic life.

Not only did they use sub-company contractors to further pollute the gulf with toxic Corexit, but the bulk of their “clean up” since then has been spent on unhelpful boosts and PR sleight-of-hand. RT’s Abby Martin gives a recap here, focusing on BP’s paid PR trolls threatening online critics. On top of that and the $56 billion in fines, cleanup, etc., they used $92 million to sponsor tourism ads for the gulf which was misleading and insulting at best. They paid off millions more to law enforcement, churches, and other organizations for a “boost” but neglected to pay any ill health claims.

Yet, this entire time there have been many innovators to come forth offering to clean up their mess. One prime example is whistleblower Ron Johnson who has a pending lawsuit against BP with startling revelations of collusion and coverup. Furthermore, his invention, created 10 years before the disaster could have contained 100% of the spill in a few days, with no need for other toxins or oil fouling up thousands of miles beyond the shoreline. No need for the President to create a $20 billion response action, 30,000 people to help with cleanup efforts, job loss and health problems, or the thousands of animals that died, some of which were endangered. (source)

Johnson’s Submerged Oil Containment Kit (The S.O.C.K):

When he was asked if he believed he could have contained the entire spill, he said:

I know that I could have and in a matter of days if I had been given the chance.

The real question is, will innovators ever be allowed to help and why not? If Ron Johnson’s allegations are true, then it would appear that BP and its affiliates wish to maintain a strict monopoly over the oil recovery industry at everyone else’s expense. See more on Johnson’s efforts.


Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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