Heat Your Room for Pennies A Day

By Natural Blaze

A British gentleman shows how he cheaply heats his home office without turning up the heat. He also uses this method in his boat. No cords and safe to use. He says this costs 8 pence a day which is about $0.15 in the U.S. Not bad for saving on the heating bill!

A few tea light candles go into an oven-safe bread container. A smaller flower pot goes over the top of the bread container and the hole should be blocked. A bigger flower pot with a hole in the bottom over the top of the smaller flower pot and allows for major convection. The pot heats up but also allows for warm air-flow which circulates around the room.

Please be aware of how hot the pot becomes and never leave unattended. You might consider transitioning to 100% beeswax candles for a little more or if stumbling on a great bulk buy. They seem more expensive at first but burn completely up and last for hours making them cost effective. Unlike paraffin and soy, they are healthier and clean the air with negative ions!

Watch this easy demonstration. Have you put this to the test? Please tell us about it below.


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