Listen to Free Worldwide GMO Mini-Summit Oct 25-27

By Heather Callaghan

Online radio summits are growing hugely in popularity. Mainly in the consciousness and metaphysical realms – but why not have summits on other topics, too?

The GMO mini-summit begins today and promises to inform anyone who is interested in all the aspects of genetic modification. Newcomers and GM-savvy alike are sure to gain from the wide variety of speakers – all veterans of GMOs, health and food freedom.

This meeting of the minds was put together by Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology who joined up with food bio-diversity activists John Robbins and his son, Ocean, as well as the The Food Revolution Network.

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Some of the speakers include, just to name a few: Jeffrey Smith, John Robbins, Ken Cook, Rachel Parent, Andrew Kimbrell and Robyn O’Brien. Check out more speakers, their biographies, and their topics HERE.

Some of the topics covered:

  • What are the actual studies that reveal all the damages caused by Roundup (glyphosate) pesticides? What about that controversial French study with the rats and tumors?
  • What doctors and scientists are really saying when it comes to GMOs in relation to allergies, leaky gut syndrome, autism, hormones and more.
  • What is the simple way to help your family avoid GMOs everywhere and eat healthier?
  • How to get involved with more outreach and tipping-point efforts.
  • Food politics, corporate greed, connections, lawsuits and monopolies.
  • Economic effect on farmers and farming.
  • How genetically modified foods are manufactured and how they differ from hybrids and conventional breeding.
  • The changing markets and Big Biotech’s spin doctors.
  • One farmer’s shocking discovery.
  • How GMOs affect the entire ecological system – what is the negative “Butterfly Effect” and
    how will it ripple out to effect animal populations and hunger?

An abbreviated synopsis from John Robbins:

  • Genetic Engineering is not nearly the same as hybridization.
  • There is evidence of human death and illness.
  • There are long-term environmental effects.
  • GMOs don’t yield more food or reduce pesticide use.
  • Doctors are prescribing non-GMO diets with huge success.

It is free to listen to now but will only be available to purchase after this weekend. There are three broadcasts 24 hours each day that are available to hear. You can listen on the site or through teleconference. Broadcasting is now live.

Register for free and listen here at

If you happen to listen in, please comment below and share your thoughts on the broadcast – did you find it helpful? Why or why not?

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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