6 Quick Nutrition and Fitness Tips for Women

By Terrie Dawson

Every woman aspires to flaunt a perfectly shaped body. On crossing the age milestones especially that of 30, a woman finds herself in a difficult situation as she has to juggle between numerous tasks. It becomes a hard task to find time for taking care of herself.
Here are some simple tips that you must inculcate in your routine life to conquer the body weight issues and to fall in love with yourself with every mirror reflection of yours.

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1. Keep stress at bay

Paying your bills, working for hours together in office, managing kids and home could be really challenging and can endow you with lots of unwanted stress and tensions. A stressful life induces mindless and unhealthy eating. Consequently, you gain undesired weight and start appearing way beyond your age.

2. Follow a realistic workout plan

Set realistic goals for yourself for you may either lose out your heart on considering the plan a failure or exert yourself too much to achieve the inappropriate targets. Be very specific while setting targets. For instance, think like you want to lose 6 pounds by 25 December.

3. Keep a track of your progress

Whichever exercise form you take up, you should measure your performance in terms of enhancement of your stamina, weight loss or anything that you aim for. Logging your performance will better guide you to keep up with your fitness levels. You will be in a better position to decide on the amount of exercise required.

4. Keep some good company for yourself

Studies reveal that you achieve better at your fitness targets while working out in a group. People with similar objectives inspire you and keep you motivated. Moreover, with friends around you feel good and do not tend to easily give up or curtail the fitness programs and routine.

5. Have a sound sleep

You certainly would not like to feel lethargic and sleepy for the entire day when you have loads of work on your hands. Keeping up until late night is certainly not a part of a health regimen regardless of any reason.

Ensure that you take a sound sleep of at least 8-9 hours during night. Inculcate the habit of sleeping daily at regular hours. You would be glad to know that sleeping helps in weight loss besides other numerous health benefits.

6. Eat the right food in the right way

Have lots of foods rich in carbohydrates and fiber to boost your stamina. Starchy foods like fruits and vegetables are a rich source of vitamins and minerals which significantly contribute in keeping your body healthy. Proteins are the building blocks for energy. Stay low on high sugar content foods and avoid intake of fats in excessive amounts.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast and do not have heavy meals at night time. Do not starve yourself for long hours and keep up with smaller meals throughout the day. Go for healthy nutrition to balance your diet.

Your body is more delicate than men but this does not overrule the need of proper nutrition and exercise for you. In fact, it makes it all the more imperative to take care of yourself in every possible way as your body undergoes changes throughout your life.

Terrie Dawson is a health writer and fitness enthusiast. She advocates the idea to consult an online doctor for free diagnosis and medical consultation. Besides this she contributes for various online health publications that mainly cover weight-loss measures, health guides and fashion. When she’s is not educating her readers with her writings, she’s most likely educating herself by reading her favorite stuff.

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