HPV Vaccines Can Kill And They Do!

by Christina England

On every packet of cigarettes sold, there is a warning, Smoking Kills, to deter people from damaging their health by smoking.

Governments around the world decided to put this warning on every packet of cigarettes due to the high death rate caused by the toxic effects of nicotine and other additives.

It is a great pity that these governments do not apply the same forward-thinking standards to HPV vaccines and the information sheets offered to parents. Based on the evidence, these vaccines should also carry a government-issued heath warning, stating HPV Vaccines Can Kill.

The latest statistics published on the United States VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) in June 2013 show a staggering 140 lives have been lost due to the HPV Vaccine.

Tens of Thousands of Adverse Reactions, or Hundreds of Thousands?

The VAERS statistics show that HPV vaccinations have caused the following adverse reactions in the US:

  • Deaths: 140
  • Disabled: 952
  • Did not recover: 6,032
  • Abnormal pap smear: 531
  • Cervical dysplasia: 214
  • Cervical cancer: 64
  • Life-threatening: 562
  • ER visit: 10,557
  • Hospitalized: 3,065
  • Extended hospital stay: 234
  • Serious: 4,091
  • Adverse events: 30,352

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These figures were provided by Leslie Carol Botha on July 15, 2013, on her insightful website Holy Hormones Journal. She wrote:

It is estimated that only 1 to 10% of the HPV vaccine-injured are reporting. So start adding zeros on to the reports of 140 deaths. And then ask yourself – are the HPV vaccines deadly? For 140 families they are. And that’s just what is being reported. [1]

If she is correct, HPV vaccines may have potentially injured over three hundred thousand people in a single year, which I am sure you will agree is a colossal number of casualties. Despite this estimate, no official action of any kind against the HPV vaccine has been taken. Why not?

If any other product caused this number of casualties, there would be a public outcry demanding that governments ban the product. Instead, the world stays silent and the damage continues.

If these figures were not bad enough, the two pharmaceutical companies responsible for manufacturing these vaccines, Merck (Gardasil) and GlaxoSmithKline (Cervarix), along with governments worldwide, are now looking for a new age group to vaccinate with these lethal vaccines – newborn babies.

Will Newborns Be the Next Victims?

On August 1, 2013, an article by Heidi Stevenson sent shock waves around the world when she announced:

If you can push the most dangerous vaccines in use today on teen and pre-teen girls, and later on boys of the same age, without any proof that they work, then why not give them to newborn infants—plus another ‘booster’ later on? That appears to be planned for Gardasil and Cervarix, along with a slick new marketing program, thanks to the vaccine-industrial complex. [2]

In Ms. Stevenson’s well-written and well-referenced article, she cites a paper titled “Reframing Cervical Cancer Prevention: Expanding the Field Towards Prevention of Human Papillomavirus Infections and Related Diseases,” written by FX Bosch et al. Ms. Stevenson points out that the authors did not even consider the fact that the two HPV vaccines currently in use cause some of the worst and most common adverse reactions of any vaccines. She also revealed that the paper was financed by major government agencies. These include the European Commission and Institute of Health “Carlos III” of the Spanish government.

The abstract of the paper by Bosch et al., which can be found on PubMed [3], suggests that the hepatitis B vaccination program offers a good model to introduce the HPV vaccine to infants. The authors state that newborn and infant immunization of the hepatitis B vaccine achieves a rapid reduction in the prevalence of the HBV carrier rates in immunized cohorts of children, reducing liver cirrhosis and liver cancer decades later.

It appears that these authors are actually suggesting that parents have their newborn babies vaccinated with not just one, but two vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases. Babies do not catch sexually transmitted diseases unless the mother has them, so why not screen the mother?

Why are Babies Given STD Vaccines?

Dr. Judith Reisman believes that she has the answer, which she presents in her paper “STD Vaccinations Aid Global Child Sex Traffic? Does Mandating Pediatric Hep B [and HPV] Vaccinations Aid the Global Child Sex Traffic?” She wrote:

Research by Risbud et al. in Sexually Transmitted Infections in 1992 and a steady stream of studies confirm that Hepatitis B is a venereal disease. ‘[C]ommercial sex work and history of a genital ulcers were independently associated with [Hep B] underscor[ing] the need to provide HBV vaccine to commercial sex workers and their clients.’ 

Newborn babies are hardly ‘sex workers’ or their ‘clients.’ Yet, in 1991 USA hospitals (covertly—as without public debate or discussion) mandated hepatitis B vaccinations of neonates born to normal, married, uninfected mothers. [4] (emphasis added)

Her paper is extremely disturbing, but in my opinion, well worth considering, because the pharmaceutical industries and governments must have a good reason to even consider giving two vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases to babies at birth. After all, if governments insist on vaccinating newborn babies with toxic vaccines, then wouldn’t giving newborn babies the MMR or the DPT vaccinations be more beneficial, as babies are more likely to come into contact with measles or tetanus than an STD?

So, is the sex trafficking of children the reason that governments are now considering vaccinating newborns with the HPV vaccine or is the real reason population control?

Will You Risk Your Child’s Fertility for This Vaccine?

Dr. Deirdre Little has recently linked the Gardasil vaccine to a sixteen-year-old patient under her care entering an early menopause. Her report states that before the sixteen year old received the Gardasil vaccine during the fall of 2008, her menstrual cycle was perfectly normal. However, by January 2009, her cycle had become irregular, and over the course of the next two years, her menses (bleeds) had become increasingly irregular. By 2011, she had ceased menstruating altogether. Later examinations of the girl confirmed that her ovaries had ceased producing eggs. [5, 6]

Dr. Little is not alone in her concerns.

The Japanese government has become so concerned about the HPV vaccine causing adverse reactions that they have decided to withdraw their support for the HPV vaccine schedule altogether. Their decision came after they received approximately 2000 reports from women and girls suffering severe adverse reactions after receiving HPV vaccinations, including long-term pain, numbness, paralysis and infertility. [7]

If all this was not worrying enough, one mother, Ms. Linda Stewart, told SaneVax how the HPV vaccine Cervarix destroyed her daughter’s life completely. She wrote:

Shannon basically spent the summer of 2011 in her room reading a book or sleeping, shutting herself off from the rest of the world. She had never had a problem with her menstrual cycle before, but her periods stopped in April. Her menstrual cycle did not resume until November, when it came back with a vengeance. In the end, she had to be put on medication to help control the heavy flow. Even so, it took five months for her cycle to return to normal. So far she has had no further problems in this area. 

By this time Shannon was in such pain she would not participate in PE at school (I must add that the PE teacher was very understanding). I then returned to the GP who referred her for another course of physiotherapy, despite the lack of success with the first round. [8]

This is just one example of the many personal stories that can be found on the Internet, and yet nothing has been done to protect this from happening to others. In comparison, in the USA, in 2009 Maclaren recalled one million strollers after twelve children had fingers amputated by their pushchairs’ folding mechanism. [9]


Just from the evidence that I have provided, HPV vaccines clearly are not safe, and yet no government to date has ever banned these vaccines. Other products have been banned for far less dangers, so why is a vaccine that has killed 140 women and children and maimed thousands of others been allowed to stay on the market?

To offer the HPV vaccine to newborn babies along with the hepatitis B vaccine is pure evil. Many babies are born prematurely and we have to ask ourselves what the impact of these two highly dangerous and toxic vaccines given at the same time will be. We also need to question why newborn babies need to have two vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases. Surely these are diseases that babies are very unlikely to come into contact with.

If a major company such as Maclaren is willing to recall one million strollers from the market because twelve children have had their fingers amputated, then why are governments refusing to acknowledge that a vaccine that they recommend is reported to have been responsible for the death of 140?


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This article originally appeared at VacTruth

Christina was born and educated in London, U.K. She left school to work in a children’s library, specializing in story telling and book buying. In 1978 Christina changed her career path to dedicate her time to caring for the elderly and was awarded the title of Care Giver of the Year for her work with the elderly in 1980. In1990 she adopted the first of two disabled boys, both with challenging behavior, complex disabilities and medical needs. In 1999 she was accused of Munchausen by Proxy after many failed attempts to get the boys’ complex needs met. Finally, she was cleared of all accusations after the independent psychologist Lisa Blakemore-Brown gave both boys the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD as part of what she described to be a complex tapestry of disorders. During the assessments Ms Blakemore-Brown discovered through the foster care diaries that the eldest boy had reacted adversely to the MMR vaccine. After taking an A Level in Psychology and a BTEC in Learning Disabilities Ms. England spent many years researching vaccines and adverse reactions. She went on to gain a Higher National Diploma in journalism and media and currently writes for the American Chronicle, the Weekly Blitz, VacTruth and Namaste Publishing UK on immunization safety and efficacy whilst continuing to study for a BA Honors degree in English Literature and Humanities. England’s main areas of expertise are researching false allegations of child abuse and adverse reactions to vaccines. Her work is read internationally and has been translated into many languages. Ms England has been a guest on many radio shows and has spoken at seminars worldwide. She is the co author to the book ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis – Are Parents Being Falsely Accused?’ with Dr Harold Buttram.

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