10 Hidden Benefits of Coconut Oil

By Helen Jenkinson

The benefits of coconut oil have been reported for some time. Being healthy is a goal for all of us and when we gain added benefits then we’re even happier. Coconut oil will give you so much more than one benefit.

What is The Main Benefit of Coconut Oil?
The main benefit is, of course, your health because coconut oil is a cholesterol free medium chain fatty acid. Less fat means a healthier heart and more energy to fight off diseases. 
10 Hidden Benefits at a Glance:

· After Sun

· Anti-Bacterial

· Belly Fat Burner

· Gluten Free

· Hair Growth

· Instant Energy

· Memory Enhancer

· Pain Relief

· Skin Moisturiser

· Skin Protector

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Athletic Performance Enhancer

A great many rugby players and rugby squads use coconut oil as part of a carefully constructed performance diet. Coconut oil, although calorific, when used in moderation will increase metabolic rates and be converted into instant energy.

Beauty Weapon Secret

YouTube is awash with videos demonstrating the beauty benefits of the oil and especially hair growth, a skin moisturiser (and scrub) and also as a skin protector.

Natural Health

Coconut oil is anti-bacterial and helps kill bacteria that cause ulcers, gum disease and urinary-tract infections.

After Sun

When you’re suffering from sunburn coconut oil is perfect for after sun care.

Gluten Free

Suffers of Coeliac Disease (where the gluten in wheat attacks the gut) can use coconut oil for all their cooking needs as it’s completely gluten free. The taste is quite neutral so you can fry eggs, use it on roasts and of course enhance your baking.

Pain Relief

Coconut oil contains anti-inflammatory benefits and is said to help in such catch-all conditions as arthritis. The fatty acids in coconut oil not only provide pain relief and inflammation reduction, but also help lubricate muscles and joints.

Weight Loss

When you use coconut oil as part of a calorie controlled diet then it can become a ‘Belly Fat Burner’ and lead to weight loss. Research is also showing that coconut oil will increase the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) in your body.

Alzheimer and Dementia Patients

Although there is no absolute data on the effects of coconut oil and many neurodegenerative disorders certain scientific authorities and anecdotal evidence is indicating that coconut oil acts as a memory enhancer.

Health care specialists like Dr Bruce Fife are on record talking about the benefits to Alzheimer patients of having coconut oil in their diet. Such a patient, Vrajlal Parmar was featured on ITV’s Daybreak programme where his son, Kal Parmar, explained the progress Vrajlal had made over several months by adding coconut oil to his daily diet.

Historic Benefit Fact

Coconut Oil or Cochin oil was used, especially in India, to provide lighting in the home.

Coconut Oil Everywhere

Keeping a jar in your kitchen and your bathroom makes sense. Coconut Oil is set to become a household staple. Sainsbury’s is currently stocking coconut oil in their cooking oil section.

Top 10 Natural Health Remedies of Coconut Oil

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