Make Your Own ‘Reality Board’

By Heather Callaghan

Okay first off, what the heck is a reality board? It’s a term for something coined by my siblings that’s going to greatly excite you.

Have you heard of what a dream board is? Some people call it a vision board. It falls under the practices of people observing the Law of Attraction – but you don’t have to abide by that to use one. It’s a place where symbolic pictures go that resonate with you and your goals – and it’s easy and fun to make. Why call it a dream board when dreams are thought of as something far off and unattainable? Reality speaks now.

When we have goals in our head that aren’t specific and say this will happen ‘someday’ – I wonder if the subconscious keeps it there – always on the horizon. Even writing down goals helps to create action now. A lot of the great prosperity and self-help “gurus” use this method to grow, but it doesn’t have to revolve around money and greatness. I’m making one for some aim and as a gentle reminder that daily actions are actually going somewhere. I’m reminding myself of my calling and passions. There is purpose every day.

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But visuals speak to us on a deeper level. Otherwise, advertisements wouldn’t use them! They use dark tactics to get you to buy something you probably don’t want. Graphic images and subliminal messages are secretly placed in imagery to speak to our primal side – look it up on YouTube – it’s creepy! It must work or why would it be so heavily used? Why not create something that really ‘gets you’ and display things that speak to your soul.

What you’ll need – look at dollar stores:

  • Tag board or poster board – any size
  • Scissors and glue or tape
  • Magazines, printer or some art skills
  • Markers (optional)

Take whatever images speak to you and apply them to the poster board. Keep it where you can see it and don’t be afraid to leave space to keep adding. You could also pin things to a bulletin board. You want things on a symbolic level, maybe even those images that arouse some spirit when you see them. There is no wrong picture, it’s completely personal. You can Google search images for “dream board” to see some for inspiration.

By putting the images on paper you are not saying “I need, I want, I wish for, If only…” – you are saying “This is good and it’s happening now.” Want to heal? Find your soul mate? Better interactions? Abundance? Dream job? Put those representations on the board.

Here’s a peek at some of mine I found off the top of my head. I think the search will continue:

More Intimate Connections With People in My Life

Beautiful Sites
Becoming a Healer
Tranquil Living Space

Prosperity could be represented by a growing plant – that speaks to me more than a dollar sign which carries negativity only because of its association with greed and old-time bank robbers. But some people like to write themselves a check and paste it to the board, and that works too. And if you want to excel at work you might also choose an animal that you admire. If you want to enjoy the little things, find “little things” for your board. For healing, vitality, and personal freedom you might choose an image that represents liberation.


  • Soul search. Get to know yourself. What do you truly enjoy? Find out what you like. You’re cool.
  • Think about times you got a rush – was it when you helped someone with a skill set that you’re currently not using in your job? Did you volunteer? Is it spending more time with your family? Was it on a beach or in the woods?
  • Pay attention to your physical body reactions.
  • Roam free in your mind – let those exciting goals come to the surface. Free association writing can help.
  • Pay attention to your daydreams – what you think about on your mini-escapes says a lot about what you wish were happening instead of the daily grind.
  • Ask only loving, supporting people what they could envision you doing or having someday.
  • You could pray and meditate, saying “Thank You.”
  • Keep up the positivity.

Avoid the following. Do Not:

  • Censor or subdue yourself. No limits. You know what you’d like to see in your life. You’re cool.
  • Berate yourself. Nothing is wrong with what you want to see happen unless it involves harming another; and it’s doubtful people like that are shooting for the moon, making vision boards.
  • Place anything with negative connotations. Negative reinforcement has failed. Things done out of desire go better than fear-based decisions. The beauty and media industry uses imagery to play on your fears. Again, pay attention to your physical reactions – your “gut.” 
  • “Should or shouldn’t yourself” – For instance, saying things like “I should want exotic vacations” Maybe you don’t. Or, “I should get a degree or want to give my whole life to volunteer.” Or, “I shouldn’t want this.” No – this board’s for you and it’s no one else’s business if their mindset is going to shoot you down.
  • Continue to create negative health patterns with your self-talk, fears, or imagery. Your reality board will catch you in the act! Choose happiness, faith, and love.

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Here’s the trippy part: Every single person I’ve talked to or read from that has implemented a reality board has seen those goals come to life much quicker than they expected. Yes, even wealth. They believe they wouldn’t have met those goals without the encouraging, life-changing visuals. They also report happier day-to-day living. They found blocks to reaching their goals and secret “pay-offs” they were getting in their mind for staying status quo or sabotaging themselves. They would also say things like “a bunch of opportunities are flying at me!” So at the very least it can’t hurt, and at the very most – the heart’s desires come to fruition.

A dream board is not wrought out of conceit (although I guess it could be depending on intention). It’s actually a brave step into abundance from scarcity. Take the reins. No blame, no resentments – You are in control, you got this.

Will you use one? Have you? Please let us know below how it’s going along.

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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