Have You Chosen or Created Your Health Problems?

By Dr. Scott Graves

With what two words can true healing begin to take place in your life?

Taking Responsibility.

What is the opposite of taking responsibility for your health? Blame.


  • I have bad genetics. It is my genes fault.
  • My parents fed me bad food. It is my parents fault.
  • I work too much to be healthy. It is my work’s fault.
  • I don’t have the money to be healthy. It is my finances fault.
  • I don’t have time to be healthy. It is time’s fault.
  • I have cancer. It is the cancer’s fault.
  • It is the chocolate, cheese, beer, or candy’s fault. It is food’s fault.

Victim. Victim. Victim. Let’s be honest, is this really loving yourself?

People with lower levels of consciousness inevitably want to place blame on everything. Secret internal payoffs exist as a result of blaming everything and everyone for why you may have the health problems you do. What happens as a result of blaming everything? We literally place all of our power outside of ourselves and we make ourselves very small. We believe in our smallness. We believe we are victims. We are literally screaming to the world and projecting outside of ourselves that we are victims. Be honest with yourself, are you being a victim?

If you look around you, everything in the world from cars to cell phones to the computer you are using was created by a human, someone like you. We were born to be creators, it is a part of our nature. What if I told you that the reason why you have the health problems you do is because you CHOOSE or CREATED them? Either consciously or subconsciously you choose them. You have chosen the health problems you have whether you have realized it or not. This doesn’t feel good to hear this, does it? Did you just say with indignation, “I didn’t choose the health problems I have!!!”?

How do we really choose the health problems we have?

For example, in a physical sense (and mental and emotional sense) our spine is what supports us. People in records numbers have lower back pain these days. One of the laws of consciousness that I find to be true every day in practice is “what one holds in the mind tends to manifest in the body.” How would this apply to lower back pain?

The Chinese have known for thousands of years that one key emotion is attached to each of our major organs. The emotion of the kidneys/adrenals is FEAR. This makes sense given the adrenal glands react to the perception of danger (fight or flight). Lower back pain generally points to financial fear or fear in general. It is this overall fear that life or God is not going to support us.
So what do we get? A back that doesn’t support us. You may go to your medical doctor with complaints of lower back pain. You may be given a drug or even have surgery, but this most likely will not remedy the problem, especially if you are still holding onto fear. One may say, “I didn’t choose this back pain!”
In this way, if you are honest, this is being a victim. What you did choose is fear. Fear simply manifested the problem. You can choose to let go of fear, but you have CHOSEN not to. We see the next bill in the mail and we get anxious, stressed, panicky, nervous (all emotions within the family of fear). So do we create the problem? Yes.

We must take responsibility. We created the problem and by taking responsibility, we also realize we have great power. If we created it, we can un-create it and choose peace, love and joy about life/God supporting us. The choice is yours. Subconsciously you chose all along, even though you consciously may not have been aware of it of how fear created the pain.Do you want to continue to be a victim and give your power to things outside of yourself? Or do you want to be introspective and look at what you may be choosing without even realizing it? The journey towards health can begin when we decide to take responsibility and let go of our shame, guilt, apathy, sadness, fear, covetousness, anger and pride (and every emotion in between). All of these emotions are destructive to life and cause health problems. You simply cannot hold onto years or a lifetime of fear (or other negative emotions) and not get some kind of problem. Hold onto a lifetime of fear and eventually our back can erode into nothing.

I love this analogy. Let’s say I hold up a glass of water in my hand and ask you how much it weighs. You may respond by saying 12 ounces or one pound. But weight in this instance is about perspective. What if I hold onto the glass with the water in it for 1 hour, is it heavier? Of course.

What if I hold onto the glass for a whole day? It will be extremely heavy. The more I hold onto the glass the heavier it becomes to the point where my arm eventually will hurt and develop pain. You cannot hold onto years or a lifetime’s worth of negative emotions that you have experienced from your past and not get health problems. It is impossible. Just like the weight of the glass causing eventual pain, the emotions get heavier and heavier and eventually manifest in the physical body.

Will you continue to choose to hold onto the hurts and pains of the past? What are you going to choose today? Will you continue to be a victim and remain small or take responsibility and start realizing your power and greatness? The choice is literally yours.

I have seen back pain disappear in very short periods of time in people once their fear is let go of. One of the best and fastest ways to let go of the emotions of the past is with energy work techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques, Mental Field Therapy, Body Talk, Psychokinesiology, and Neuro Emotional Technique. If you are interested in processing through your emotions and your past, and discovering what may be causing you problems in the present moment, please feel free to contact me. Sessions can be done through Skype from all over the world.

Dr. Scott Graves ND, MA is a Florida-based Naturopath and Intuitive who specializes in Nutrition Response Testing, NAET, EFT, and Psychokinesiology. He offers free 15 minute phone consultations and is available for radio and TV interviews.

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